Treasure Hunt Italy:

The most extraordinary experience you will ever play

Imagine being the protagonists in an exciting treasure hunt through spectacular settings in some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

A race against time together with your friends to discover the treasures of ancient Rome, the secrets of the Florentine Renaissance or through the mysterious canals of Casanova’s Venice.

Decipher the codes, find the clues, discover history, traditions, fashion, cooking and all the beauty of Italy.

Macchiavelli Eventi® and® present a new way to explore Italy and have a blast doing it!

How it works

Treasure Hunt Italy® are GPS-based games for iPad where you can play with or against your friends. Teams take photographs, shoot videos, record voices, solve puzzles, answer quizzes and questions about history, culture, fashion, cooking, traditions…

More than in any other way, players get to know the history, secrets and subtleties of the town they’re exploring while having tons of fun.

You can choose to play among many different formats available:

Treasure Hunt

An exciting challenge where insight, craftiness and quick decisions are essential to success.

There’s no time to lose! Every team chooses a route full of unforeseen difficulties and challenges.


“Action!” is a brand new way to learn about the beautiful cities where the most famous Italian movies were shot.

Teams with their own iPad will do a remake of certain scenes that will then be shown and awarded during the final “Oscar Night”.

Food & Wine

This game lets the teams learn and enjoy traditional specialties of the town where the hunt takes place.

The Food tasting is associated with Wine Tasting of the top local wines in the best typical eateries.

Eco Game

The players of this Urban Game move through the city on rickshaws (with a driver) to places where cars and motorbikes can’t go.

You’ll see beautiful and hidden places of the most famous cities of art in a way no one else can!

App gallery

Easy, professional, powerful

The main menu shows a map with all the points of interest, info points and GPS locations of all teams. Teams are constantly supervised by our central office, there’s no need of guidance except at the start and end of the games.

  • iPad original interactive games (take videos, photographs, voices, solve puzzles and tasks)
  • Teams can block other teams through jokes and tricks;
  • Teams can chat with our staff and vice-versa at any time;
  • The game starts and finishes wherever you want (standard duration 2h);
  • You can play in virtually every town in Italy;
  • Available in different languages;
  • Our app guarantees high standards of reliability in maintaining continuity of play;
  • Who better than the Italians can show you their country and get you to have fun doing it?


Tours details & rates

People: A minimum of six people to play.

Technology: Our staff gives an iPad mini / iOS 9 with SIM card for cellular data to every team (or if you want to play with your own device that’s okay, too), which will guide you around the city using maps and GPS.

Teams can unlock the riddles only when they are in the right location verified by the GPS system on the iPad.

Duration: After the briefing, the teams have about 2 or 3 hours to visit as many points of interest (POIs) as possible to solve the “Treasure Hunt”.

Our staff gives an iPad mini to every team. We follow you remotely from beginning to end and talk to you thanks to the built-in chat of the app.

At the end of the game, our staff welcomes everybody, taking back the iPads: that’s the moment when you discover the winning team.

Itinerary: The teams decide their own route: the more places (POIs) visited, the more challenges won and the more points gained!

The team getting the most points wins. The teams have to reach the final point within the scheduled time: the sooner a team arrives, the more points it wins!

People Price per person1 iPads/pp
from 6 to 10 € 100,00 p.p. 1/3
from 11 to 21 € 90,00 p.p. 1/4
from 22 to 49 € 80,00 p.p. 1/5
from 50 to 70 € 75,00 p.p. 1/7
from 71 to 150 € 60,00 p.p. 1/9
from 151 to 250 € 50.00 p.p. 1/10
from 251 to 350 € 45.00 p.p. 1/10

Schedule: All year long.

Included: One staff person, or more if you are a large group, at your disposal for the duration of the game.

Not included: We do not play inside of monuments and museums.

Language: English Spanish French Italian (for others, ask for a quote)

Cities available: Rome Florence Venice Bologna Siena Milan (for others, ask for a quote)

Responsibility: When you take the iPad mini to start your hunt, we’ll need your documents and your signature indicating that you take responsibility for the integrity of the device.

1 Important Prices (per person) are based on the "Treasure Hunt" format game played in Rome and may vary for other games such as "Eco Game", "Food and Wine" or other cities. Fill in our form to ask for a quote.

Terms & Conditions

Treasure Hunts are provided by Macchiavelli Eventi SAS. An up front payment is required. Contact us if you have any questions, or fill in the form below to make your reservation. We recommend that you reserve at least 3 days before your desired tour date to ensure availability.

Refund Policy

If you cancel at least 8 calendar days in advance of the scheduled departure time, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel between 4 and 7 calendar days in advance of the scheduled departure time, you will be charged a 30% cancellation fee. If you cancel within 3 calendar days (72 hours) of the scheduled departure time, you will be charged a 100% cancellation fee. The payment will not be refunded for any other reason (i.e. weather, change of travel plans, illness, missed train...) within 3 days of the scheduled tour.

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