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Italy in prime time

After the success of its audio-guides, is delighted to introduce you to the first WebTV for tourist of Italy specifically designed for Apple TV, LG smartTV and YouTube!

This WebTV is designed to present Italy's enormous art and nature heritage at its very best, like never before!

There is also a special app designed specifically for the new Apple TV that allows viewers to experience not only short movies but beautiful photo galleries of Italy.

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What do you need to watch the show?

The episodes, completely free of charge, are designed for tourists planning to visit Italy; but also for those who can't travel but want to discover the marvels of our country while sitting comfortably at home in their lounges.

For Italians abroad nostalgic for our beautiful country and for those hundreds of students who visit our website every day.

All contents transmitted on the webTV are designed specifically for maximum audio and video quality.

To watch the episodes you need a device connected to YouTube, or a Podcast player, or an Apple TV (4th generation with App Store) or a LG smartTV.

And don't forget a box of popcorn!

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