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11 September 2014:

This website has all information about Rome. It is an amazing website. All things are here at one place. I glad to be here in this site.

Author: Lisa_White from United States

18 August 2014:

I found this website very helpful in providing me with information on Italy. I would recommend this website to anyone who is interested in travelling to Italy, and in fact, I found this website so educational and entertaining, I would recommend it to anyone just for a good read!

 - Michael

Author: Michael from Australia

14 August 2014:

This website has really showed me much about Italy. I can definitely know that in the future if I need more information about Italy, I can go here. 

Author: Guest from South Australia

08 August 2014:

I thought this was very helpful website and told me all the need to know information about Rome and its wonderful tourists attractions. This gave all the relevant information necessary to take a trip to Rome including what to do when in Rome and how to do it 

Author: guest from Australia

08 August 2014:

It really helped me complete my assignment!!

Thanks for the great info :)

Author: Guest Conmc from Straya

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