Rome HD for iPad

The wonders of Italy on your iPad

Designed specifically to exploit the dazzling colors and resolution of the retina display, our iPad apps allows viewers to experience expert, art and architecture photography with a visceral impact that has been, heretofore, unattainable.

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ItalyGuides.it has sought to reinvent the stale, academic, travel guides, and replace them with a new, "cinema inspired" app featuring a filmic musical score, professional narration, creative scripting, and dramatic still and video images dramatically enhancing the storytelling process.

Rome HD is also the first iPad application in the world to use SurroundView®, a new generation of interactive photo technology developed by ComPart Multimedia for its ItalyGuides.it.

A unique and innovative means of exploring the treasures of Italy, with the touch of a finger, users can walk around a fountain or a monument of ancient Italy.

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Rome HD for iPad

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Pompeii HD for iPad

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Customer reviews:
“Having this on your iPad is like being in Rome.
Exceptional value!”

by: JMcH49

The apps guides the user through the most important places to visit and includes high quality images, virtual tours (360 degree panoramas), SurroundView[1], HD Video[1] and many pages of history.


(*) Apple, iPhone and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.
[1] Only in Rome HD app.