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Support us on Patreon is a small project dedicated to Italy but with big ambitions.

That’s why we’re here to ask for your support.

Our passion is about revolutionizing the world of art and tourism.

Italy is an amazing country but strangely not very well known. We’re the country with the biggest number of artistic treasures in the world but almost all of them are practically unknown.

Its artistic and cultural heritage is huge and usually described in stodgy, academic terms, sometimes hard to understand. wants to be the answer to that problem.

We want to show people Italy in a totally different, innovative way.

“Since 1994, more than 25 million users have appreciated It’s been a lot of hard work but we love doing it.”

Today, we’re literally submerged with requests from every part of the world: teachers asking us if they can use our work with their students, art lovers requesting us to do a guide on a particular city, tourists looking for advice.

But our budget just can’t cover all these requests. To be able to continue this project, has to grow...and that’s why we decided to bring it to Patreon and ask you support us through crowdfounding.

Get to know us better and learn more about our projects!

The first two projects coming up are “3D Masterworks” and the “The secrets of the Amalfi Coast”.

How to help us?

Thousands of people supported us during these last years and if you want to follow what we’re doing and maybe even give us a hand and support us.

Together—we can make the difference. Grazie!

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