The secrets of the Amalfi Coast

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It’s known as the Blue Ribbon, 50 chilometers of road along the spectacular Tyrrhenian shoreline; its every curve reveals breathtaking views and connects the 13 towns along the Amalfi Coast.

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What we’re aiming to create is a new project on the Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful places in all of Italy. It’s considered part of humanity’s heritage by the UNESCO, famous all over the world for its natural and historic beauty.

From Positano to Vietri sul Mare, we want to show you the magic of these incredible places, magnificent beaches that attract thousands of tourists each year but also so much more. Little towns tucked into the mountains that create these unbelievable views, with their pastel-colored houses and tiny, romantic streets. Hamlets steeped in history and legend, like the "Sirenuse" archipelago, three little islands considered to be the home of the Sirens that enchanted Ulysses.

Even Amalfi, which takes its name from the great love of the god Jupiter’s son, Hercules. There are field trips, handcrafted goods, fashion that’s all “made in Italy”. Not to mention that, along the Amalfi Coast, you can see the only fiord in Italy.

The coast is riddled with stories, ancient crafts, legends — even some of the greatest names in film like Federico Fellini, Sofia Loren and Roberto Rossellini. In fact, it’s one of the most beloved and well-known destinations of Hollywood artists, writers and stars.

Unmissable attractions to be savored calmly, strolling through the tiny streets, gardens and ancient noble palaces. Along the Amalfi Coast, everything magically transforms into colors, flavors, traditions and inspiration.

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Legend says that Amalfi was a labor of love: Hercules, son of Jupiter, wanted to dedicate Amalfi to his beloved whose eyes were the same color as the sea. After her premature death, he buried her in this beautiful place where the sea would forever watch over her mortal remains. On the tomb of his love, Hercules founded Amalfi.

Legend or not, Amalfi’s incredible story, the most ancient of the four glorious Italian seagoing republics, continues to fascinate even today, enchanting the countless visitors that pass through here.


This little group of houses hanging onto the mountains above the sea will win your heart with its warmth. Perhaps because it’s remained small, Atrani has managed to preserve its authentic seaside hamlet atmosphere.

The town is centered around the lovely piazza that was originally created as a sort of parking lot for boats during rough weather days. In fact, the piazza of Atrani owes its shape to that original use, and opens up only towards the beach and the sea.

From here, a labyrinth of tiny streets lead to the upper town where you can enjoy a natural panorama that’ll leave you breathless.


Among the many beauties of the Amalfi Coast, Cetara is a romantic seaside hamlet still untouched by mass tourism and has been declared a Unesco Heritage site. Strolling through this little town with its tiny streets and houses squeezed one up against the other, you’ll be enchanted particularly after sunset when everything is illuminated by the low lights of the houses and restaurants.

Cetara offers traditions, events and fairs: you won’t be able to resist the lights and atmosphere of warm, quiet pleasure.

Conca dei Marini

Conca dei Marini is a lovely seaside hamlet but very much appreciated by the elite, where, not long ago, most VIPs on the international scene kept their villas.

One of the most fascinating attractions of the Amalfi Coast is a small inlet called the Emerald Grotto; you can only reach it by rowboat and once inside, the sea takes on exquisite and surprising tones. You’d think the rainbow was invented in here: from turquoise to cobalt, from the most intense blue to emerald green, the water inside the grotto changes color every few meters and it’s impossible not to get carried away by its beauty as well as by the wonderful stories told by the boatmen.


It’s a town torn in two: one side, there’s the Fiord, with its extraordinary power and presence; on the other, the town, with its houses scattered along the ridge. This is the only fiord you can visit in all of Italy: a breathtaking split in the mountain created by an ancient dry riverbed that drops to the sea from the edge of the highlands above.

The town’s name derives from the incredible sound of the sea during stormy nights as it crashes against the Fiord.


This unforgettable little town has the odd shape of an upside-down fan that reaches to the sea, passing through what you could call the widest beach of the Amalfi Coast.

If you love adventure, trekking and hiking in contact with Nature, this is the place for you. There’s so much to Maiori you won’t want to miss it.


The Narcissus of the Amalfi Coast”. A very particular territory: fertile fields, an abundance of citrus fruits, a great wealth of natural elements. These are the characteristics that award Minori such a celebratory nickname.

Even today, Minori holds the Amalfi Coast record for gastronomic culture, chock full of events, programs and traditions tied to extraordinary dishes.


This splendid town, known the world over for its incredible beauty and its profile of a siren draped over breathtaking coastline, takes its name from Poseidon, God of the Sea.

Positano is the pearl of the Amalfi Coast: tucked into the mountain, it offers a marvelous panorama of bright blue sea, its pastel-colored houses facing tiny, romantic streets.


The founding of Praiano has distant origins. Its name means "open sea" and it’s probable that the first ancient Greek merchants landed here with their ships to trade.

Praiano has the only beach of the Amalfi Coast that enjoys the sun’s warm embrace right up until sunset: the Gavitella, facing both Positano and Capri.


One of the favorite destinations of writers, musicians, actors and Hollywood stars. Over the centuries, Ravello has welcomed Europe’s greatest artists who would come here looking for inspiration, fascinated by the city’s pristine beauty.

Ravello is a must see! Take it slow, because the city should be appreciated calmly, strolling lazily through the tiny streets, gardens and ancient noble palaces.


Known as the oldest town on the Amalfi Coast, what makes the little town of Scala so attractive is its peace and quiet. Not to mention the exquisite frame of the mountains above Amalfi and its position in front of Ravello, separated by a magnificent valley.

Once an important stronghold, Scala has a long and fascinating history tied to the Amalfi Republic.


Land between the mountains ("intra montes"), Tramonti is a jewel placed at the feet of the Lattari mountain range. It’s immersed in a bucolic setting, rich in springs and rivers and offers terrific views in close contact with nature.

Besides tasty cheeses and excellent wines from local grapes, Tramonti has the merit of making pizza famous the world over.

Vietri sul Mare

The last part of our tour, Vietri sul Mare, is considered the doorway to the Amalfi Coast.

It’s a town specialized in ceramics, famous worldwide. The alleyways of its historic center facing the sea are truly an open-air museum where the colored tiles and potters’ creations can be admired at every turn.

The water of the gulf is crystalline blue, with romantic cays and pocket beaches kissed by the sun and beloved by travelers.

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