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You might already know them or maybe just a few of them… but you’ve never seen them like this!

We’re talking about some of the greatest masterpieces of the height of Italian art: the Renaissance.

We want to take you on a trip through the works of world-class artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Caravaggio.

We’ll amaze you with their stories and what made them famous all over the world.

Ten masterworks reconstructed in 3D, to immerse yourself in those faces and colors, to discover their secrets.

The idea is to show and talk about Italian Renaissance mastepieces, bringing them to life thanks to 3D technology, making them even more spectacular and awe-inspiring.

It’s a difficult and painstaking job that starts with high-definition reconstruction of the images, what amounts to a sort of digital restoration, up to the actual reconstruction of the missing parts of the painting that are necessary for the 3D effect.

The finished videos will be put on the web absolutely free and available to students, teachers, everybody, with total freedom to use them.

Sistine Chapel: 3D virtual tour [1]

Sistine Chapel: 3D virtual tour [2]

The Birth of Venus - 3D virtual tour

Vatican Museums: Raphael Rooms in 3D

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The masterworks:


Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

In this masterpiece a sacred moment is captured as an angel delivers divine news to Mary. Leonardo da Vinci's meticulous attention to detail and ethereal lighting showcase his artistic brilliance.

The Birth of Venus

Artist: Botticelli

The first large-scale canvas created in Renaissance Florence. A painting full of symbolism and references considered to be the perfect idea of feminine beauty in art.


Artist: Botticelli

In Botticelli's famous masterpiece, Primavera, the painting celebrates the arrival of spring and is filled with mythological symbolism. It showcases Botticelli's skill in capturing intricate details and creating a sense of beauty and harmony.

The Sistine Chapel

Artist: Michelangelo

The Sistine Chapel is without doubt one of the greatest art treasures of all time, one of the most celebrated masterpieces in the world.

Raphael’s Rooms

Artist: Raffaello

Among the great artists that have worked in the Vatican, the name of Raphael shines the brightest and in fact, it’s here that he left some of his most beautiful work.

Doni Tondo

Artist: Michelangelo

In Michelangelo's Doni Tondo the artist explores the theme of the Holy Family. The composition, with its dynamic figures and masterful use of chiaroscuro, showcases Michelangelo's exceptional talent and innovative approach to art.

Mona Lisa

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

In Leonardo da Vinci's enigmatic masterpiece, the Mona Lisa, the subject's mysterious smile has fascinated viewers for centuries. The painting's exquisite details, subtle use of color, and Leonardo's mastery of sfumato technique make it an enduring symbol of Renaissance art.

The Last Supper

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

In this iconic masterpiece the artist depicts the emotional moment when Jesus announces that one of his disciples will betray him. The composition, with its masterful use of perspective and lifelike figures, captures the tension and drama of the scene.

Sacred and Profane Love

Artist: Tiziano

Sacred and Profane Love is a painting full of mystery and is one of the most studied works in all of art history.

The Entombment of Christ

Artist: Caravaggio

In Cthis powerful masterpiece the artist portrays the sorrowful moment of Christ's burial. The use of chiaroscuro and the emotional expressions of the figures create a poignant and dramatic scene, showcasing Caravaggio's mastery of light and shadow.

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