Raphael Rooms: Room of Heliodorus - Vatican Museums

3D Masterworks - Virtual tour

Discover one the Raphael Rooms in the Vatican Museums, a masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance, with this exciting 3D video.

Among the great artists that have worked in the Vatican, the name of Raphael shines the brightest and in fact, it’s here that he left some of his most beautiful work.

The Room of Heliodorus was where the pontiffs held their private audiences with ambassadors and kings.

It was the second room frescoed by Raphael and the entire decoration—not by chance—has purely political ends: its four frescoes were meant to show how, over the course of centuries, God had always protected Rome, the Faith, the pope and his works.

Demo from the project  “3D Masterworks”.

Created: 09 Feb 2018
Last update: 20 Jun 2022

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