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The Roman Forum served as Rome's bustling core, a meeting place for citizens of various social classes, where business was conducted, shopping occurred, and fine food and wine were enjoyed. It was a crowded and cosmopolitan space, attracting people from around the world, including wealthy merchants, slaves, Roman nobles, and vendors.

Today, the Roman Forum, situated between Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum, stands as a crucial archaeological site. Originally, this area was marshy, but thanks to the Cloaca Maxima, an incredible engineering feat commissioned by the last two Etruscan kings, it was drained and developed into a hub of markets and social activities as early as the 7th century BC.

The term "Foro" was used to describe the central square of the urban settlement, a place for gatherings, trials, and entertainment. Surrounding the Forum were shops, markets, and taverns, including the ancient "Termopolia," precursors to modern fast food. During Julius Caesar's time, the Forum became a place of celebrations, symbolizing the Empire during the imperial era.

The most incredible panoramic view of the Forum can be seen from the terraces of Campidoglio, featuring the ruins of Basilica Emilia and the Curia, the Senate's seat. The pathway leads through unique sites like the Basilica di Massenzio, ending near the Arch of Titus, with a view of the unmistakable Colosseum.

During the Middle Ages, the Forum fell into disrepair and was abandoned, with its monuments repurposed for medieval fortifications. Only in the 18th century did the process of recovering the ancient ruins begin, breathing new life into this long-forgotten and pillaged historical heritage.

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