Porta dei Borsari

In Roman eras, if you used the Via Postumia road, you had to enter the Verona city through Porta Dei Borsari. It was the main entrance to the city. Porta Dei Borsari is an ancient Roman gate built in the first century AD during the imperial age. It is believed that the old gate was constructed over a pre-existing gate from the first century BC. Porta Dei Borsari used to be called Porta Jovia in the days of the empire, because of the nearby temple dedicated to Juppiter Lustralis and was later named Porta Dei Borsari because it was the point of tax payment from travelers entering and leaving the city.

Only the front of the ancient gate is visible today, and its decorative basics were added during the Imperial era. Porta Dei Borsari is a fortress featuring lookout towers, an interior courtyard, and usually guarded by soldiers. It bears engravings dedicated to the Emperor Galienus.

Porta Dei Borsari is a beautiful piece of Roman architecture which is well worth a visit.

Created: 09 Aug 2013
Last update: 27 Jun 2023

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