Castelvecchio (Old Castle): courtyard

The Castelvecchio courtyard is a medieval fortification of the Italian city, Verona. It was a military construction by the Scaliger which was built in the fourteenth century. In the grand courtyard, from which access is gained to the museum today, there was a barrack.

The ample space of the Castelvecchio courtyard served as a training ground for the soldiers, and it was closed on three sides by the wall. The first tower was called the Clock Tower; at this tower, the church of San Martino in Aquaro had been conserved. The second tower related to the drawbridge and postern; the third protected the corner, and the fourth guarded the wall towards the river.

Once the castle was rebuilt by architect Carlo Scarpa in 1957, the beautiful yard of the famous Castelvecchio museum and the former parade ground is now an ornate courtyard with a collection of sculptures, frescoes, jewelry, medieval artifacts, and paintings. The yard also features an ancient bull-headed fountain.

Created: 09 Aug 2013
Last update: 27 Jun 2023

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