Juliet's balcony

Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time when he attends a ball at her father's house. The attraction between the two youngsters is immediate but they know it's doomed because of the hatred between their two families.

After the ball, the infatuated Romeo returns to the Capulet garden and overhears Juliet on her balcony declaring her love for him. Romeo makes himself known and they vow to marry the very next day, a marriage doomed to instant tragedy.

Just below the balcony stands a bronze statue of Juliet. Legend has it that rubbing your hand over Juliet's right breast brings love and fertility.

No one quite knows when this legend started or indeed when the statue first appeared but so popular is this action that the original statue was recently moved to a museum for safekeeping and replaced by a copy. Let's hope that this doesn't dim the magic!