Lucca (Tuscany), Italy

Travel tips for visiting Lucca

Planning your dream trip to Italy can be a difficult task so we have put together a series of travel tips articles to help solve that problem and get the most out of your stay.

Travel tips

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Imposing Renaissance walls, narrow cobbled streets, rustic Lucchesi dishes in historic cafes and...cosplay!

If you're lucky enough to be in the charming Tuscan town of Lucca at the end of October you might just chance upon this quirky festival that brings cosplayers, movie lovers, comics fanatics and manga addicts together in a rip-roaring world of fantasy.

Travel tips

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If you want to experience the true face of Italy, leave the big cities which are overrun with tourists, overpriced accommodation and food and travel instead to Lucca in Tuscany.

Here you'll find a slower pace of life, traditional Lucchese food and unique experiences found only in this region. Being the birthplace of Puccini, who is still considered one of the most influential composers of opera, you'll undoubtedly hear his music whilst visiting the area.

The city perfectly blends ancient history with a modern day lifestyle for its residents and guests. Use the list below as a travel guide of things to see and do during your visit.