Imposing Renaissance walls, narrow cobbled streets, rustic Lucchesi dishes in historic cafes and...cosplay!

If you're lucky enough to be in the charming Tuscan town of Lucca at the end of October you might just chance upon this quirky festival that brings cosplayers, movie lovers, comics fanatics and manga addicts together in a rip-roaring world of fantasy.


The Lucca Comics & Games Festival is divided into two parts, Lucca Comics dedicated to animation and comics and Lucca Games with everything from costume role-play and board games to enthusiastic medieval games set against a historical backdrop.

During this frenetic weekend, the whole city is taken over with exciting activities.


Whether you're a collector looking for that all-important piece, a cosplayer who loves dressing up or a lucky tourist caught up in the excitement you're guaranteed to have fun and make new friends.

Just stand still with your camera and a parade of weird and wonderful cosplayers will pull a pose and wait for you to snap them.

During the festival, the whole of Lucca becomes a place of play and fantasy with something different being acted out or sold on every street and street corner.

Board Games

There are also entertainment areas where concerts, live cosplay performances, screenings of iconic movies and previews of upcoming releases can all be enjoyed.

If you are interested in the technical side of comics production, manga creation or movie making then guest experts share their knowledge at seminars and workshops.

For some events, you need to pre-book or buy a ticket otherwise just stroll around the town and immerse yourself in the adventure.


Whatever your age and interests you'll be carried away with the fantasy world that Lucca becomes every autumn. The only trouble is if you're not in costume there's a danger you might feel left out!

If you want to enjoy the sights away from the crowds then head to the city walls and look down on the activity below you.

Lucca is waiting to welcome you and if you want tickets they're available online with discounts for seniors, the disabled, children, and groups.

To check out all the details and find out how to get to this beautiful part of Tuscany then visit the festival's website

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