Port of Marina Grande

The charming seaside Port of Marina Grande, encompassed by two narrow arms or quays, borders the picturesque town of Capri.

Lying to the North of the island, and facing  the Gulf of Naples, the port welcomes every kind of wanderer, on every kind of journey. Commercial travelers and tourists arriving from the continent on hydrofoils, arrive west of the port, whilst, sailing boats, luxury yachts and other vessels lie at anchor to the East.

Until 1928, all docking took place directly in the bay, which in those days was smaller, formed of a natural reef. Larger vessels weighed anchor further out to sea, with goods for trade and passengers being rowed ashore in dinghies.

Since its expansion, the scene has become spacious, with a seaside resort and wide beach.

Houses along the port are still structurally typical of the ancient dwellings of Capri's fishermen. The upper level of the house is used as living space, and the lower as a boat house.

In the past, these homes were built literally at sea level, with the water lapping at their front doors. For years this was a source of amazement and delight to tourists.

However, since the restructuring of the port, the water level has changed, and their previous position is now only visible in old photographs. These houses are one of the few remaining traces of pre-glamour Capri.

They stand as evidence to residents and visitors of the islanders' dependence on the sea, of their ancient lifestyle and their cultural roots.

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Last update: 28 Jun 2023

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