Faraglioni: Gardens of Augustus

Carving their own niche in the skyline of Capri, sculpted by the wind and sea, and home to rare plants and wildlife, stand Stella (Star), Faraglione di Mezzo (in between) and Scopolo. These three rocky stacks, rising from the azure Tyrrhenian Sea, are collectively known as the Faraglioni.

Backdrop to holiday snapshots and postcards over the world, in modern times, the Faraglioni have stimulated visitors and writers imagination throughout the ages as far back as antiquity, and were the setting for many myths. Stella, the stack still connected to the mainland, is known for its spectacular fans of spray from waves on choppy days. The windblown sea swirls into the Faraglione's underwater hollow, before erupting, showering down onto the rocks.

Quieter days at the Faraglioni are also charged with magical charm. Sunlight glancing on the surface of the water, mingles with light cast up from spaces in the rock below, creating fascinating shifting shades of iridescent blue around the rocks. Scopolo, the Faraglione furthest from land, is famous for its unique blue lizards, found nowhere else on Earth.

The ultimate touch of mystique surrounding the Faraglioni is the relationship between the depth of the sea immediately surrounding the rocks, the strong currents flowing there, and the way the spray, splashing round the Faraglioni is shot through with light, creating an array of sparkling colors.

Weather veiled in morning mist, surrounded in mystic colors and fine spray, or the splendors of sunset, the Faraglioni remain mysterious and fascinating.

Created: 09 Aug 2013
Last update: 28 Jun 2023

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