City park and Sea views

As Sorrento is built on a series of natural terraces and hills, it has fantastic views a plenty. The view from the city park terrace, the Belvedere, is particular because, as well as having stupendous vistas of Vesuvius and the gulf of Naples, the park itself is a delightful place to take time out and relax.

The pleasure of "absolute retreat" is to be found among the park's fragrant flowers, shady holm oaks, pines and palms.

Park paths, interspersed with busts of noble and notable Sorrentini, such as the historian Bartolomeo Capasso and the magistrate Francesco Saverio Gargiulo, amongst others, decorate this peaceful terrace.

Such seclusion, far from the sounds of passing traffic, holiday makers and shoppers, provides the perfect surrounding for really enjoying the view.

Descent into the "real world" takes the form of a narrow stone side street, which winds down through the charming ancient city gate, known as Porta Greca (Greek Gate), to the harbor of Marina Piccola (little port).

Here a delightful beach, deck chairs for hire, the possibility of a gelato (authentic Italian ice cream) and a sparkling blue sea await.

Created: 09 Aug 2013
Last update: 28 Jun 2023

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