Sant'Agata sui due Golfi

Saint Agata on the Two Gulfs, a few kilometers from Sorrento, on the top of an incline, marks the point for the best panoramic views. On one side, the Gulf of Naples curves along the skyline, and on the other, the gulf of Salerno stand between the sea and the horizon. Saint Agatha on the Two Gulfs, is part of the town of Massa Lubrense.

The site where the Church of Saint Agatha now stands, was once inhabited by Greeks who, as well as using it as an ideal lookout point, also had a necropolis there.

Now a former Carmelite Convent, known as the "Desert" (to emphasize the isolated nature of the place) stands there. In past years it must have felt like a precipice at the world's edge.

The church was originally dedicated to Saint Mary of the Graces, but was refurbished in 1745 and dedicated to Saint Agatha, the Martyr of Catania.

Inside, an amazing altar, inlaid with mother of pearl and marble dating from the sixteen hundreds, stands. Though this altar was originally made by local artisans for another church, it was sold in the eighteen hundreds, and since that time has remained in Saint Agatha's.

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