Chapel of Palazzo Pubblico

The ornate Chapel of Palazzo Pubblico forms part of the Palazzo Comunale and the Museo Civico. During the 14 century, the Black Death decimated the population of Siena. Once its ravages had finished, Giovanni d'Agostino and Giovanni di Cecco were commissioned to design a chapel where the citizens could give thanks for their survival.

The chapel's lower level contains niches holding the twelve Apostles while a fresco, unfortunately now damaged, adorns the rear altar. Inside the chapel is a disc depicting a monogram of Christ along with sculptures of she-wolves, the symbols of Siena.

The gracious vaulted arches and lancet windows are original but only six of the twelve Apostles date from the chapel's construction. A further six were added later, but these are considered to be of inferior quality.

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Last update: 26 Jun 2023

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