The town of Monteriggioni is famous for its medieval festival “Monteriggioni is crowned by towers” which takes place every year from 27th June-12th July. It's a medieval celebration and an opportunity for the citizens of Monteriggioni to act and dress like their forefathers. Watch as the locals relive the magic of the Middle Ages through an awesome show with lots of exciting characters like fire jugglers, warriors, artisans and poets.


One of the most popular medieval festivals in all of Italy, the Monteriggioni festival goes back to the Middle Ages.

The streets are full of cavaliers and craftsmen along with people of all ages in period costumes creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. Have your camera ready to photograph dancers, live performances, torches, theater, music, jewels, acrobats and kids’ entertainment.

Story tellers will keep you entertained, recreating what life inside the walls and castle of Monteriggioni used to be like. The Monteriggioni medieval festival offers a trip through history.

There are olde worlde taverns and restaurants in Piazza Roma, the town center’s main square. Open all day and all night, they offer fine Italian wine and mouth-watering cuisine.


There’s a whole program of events to enjoy throughout the festival. Italian folk singers are always a top attraction while painters of religious images catch the eye. Everything is accompanied by reenactments and music, stories of life, death and spirituality.

The kids can get involved in painting, dancing or dressing up as princesses or knights with wooden swords, great fun! Check out the stands that you can find in the streets selling a wide variety of food made from traditional recipes, medieval sweets, wooden sculptures, handicrafts and mosaics.

For the folks back home or yourself, there’s a wonderful choice of souvenirs to buy from the Monteriggioni festival. The main symbol of the Monteriggioni medieval festival is the famous castle, founded around 1220 by the Republic of Siena. The streets of the castle become the quarters of blacksmiths, potters, carpenters, carvers and cooks.


There are also events that take place outside the walls. On the 27th and 28th June you can watch the carousel. Watch the fight between two knights dressed in armor and armed with swords. They hit one another on the body to score points. You can actually join in horse games or friendly battles between knights and soldiers.

Don’t miss the historical reenactment of a battle.

Monteriggioni has been the setting of numerous medieval battles between the armies of Florence and Siena. Every year during the festival there’s a major reenactment of a battle fought in 1269 in Monteriggioni between the troops of Siena and Florence.

After the battle reenactment there is also a magnificent firework display.

The trademark of the festival is plenty of culture, music, dance, fun and merriment accompanied by craft shops and reconstructed activities. What more could you ask for?


The finale of the Monteriggioni medieval festival is the Grand Parade along the streets of the castle. The parade starts at the entrance of the two ancient gates winding its way around the streets towards the town center and the parish of Saint Maria Assunta.

It’s a spectacular, historical parade like no other with town folk dressed in authentic medieval clothes.

You can find the schedule and more information about the festival on the official website

When it comes to the price of tickets, prices vary. Ordinary tickets will set you back around 9 Euros on certain dates, while reduced ordinary tickets are about 7 Euros depending on the date. There are also reduced Coop member tickets (only for pre-sale), local resident tickets and free entry for children under 7. Again prices differ so do check the website for more ticket details.

For this wonderful festival, it’s highly recommended to book tickets in advance.

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