Panoramic view and Votive Temple of Christ the King

Stretching along the urban perimeter of Modern Messina, are a series of scenic walkways and boulevards.

Close to Prince Umberto Avenue lies a splendid esplanade affording a breathtaking panorama of the gulf.

The Tempio Votivo di Cristo Re (Votive Temple of Christ the King), was constructed in 1900, built on higher ground, elevated from the street. Crowned by an octagonal dome, it recalls the Sicilian Baroque style of former days. In its crypt is a shrine with a memorial to Italian soldiers.

This theme is continued in the bell mounted on an octagonal tower also built in the 1900's in the same style as the towers of the former fortress on the site.

The bell chimes the hours in memory of the fallen in all wars.

Created: 09 Aug 2013
Last update: 03 Jul 2023

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