Piazza della Borsa

Piazza della Borsa, which takes its name from the palace that originally housed the Naples Stock Exchange, is the starting point of one of the main streets of the city, Corso Umberto I, commonly called the 'Rettifilo', because of the straight line that leads to Garibaldi Square.

For its construction, which took place between 1888 and 1894 by the Società del Risanamento, a part of the old city was destroyed. At the centre of the square, the elegant fountain of Neptune, probably designed by Domenico Fontanaand built by several sculptors - the sea monstersare by Bernini.

It has a rather 'eventful' history: built to be placed near the Arsenal by the viceroy of Olivares, in 1622 the Duke of Alba had it moved to the front of the Royal Palace, in 1637 it was brought close to Castel dell'Ovoand in 1644 it was again removed to be placed in Via delle Corregge, at the behest of the Duke of Medina.

It was only in 1898 that Neptune, together with the large number of lions, satyrs, genies and sea monsters - which had been reworked several times - reached its final destination in its present location.

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