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05 December 2013: We love so many places in Italy we are going back in 2014 for the third year in a row. We will visit Lucca & Cinque Terra with a quick overnight in transit in Rome to enjoy dinner near the Trevi Fountain. I think Florence is my favourite spot on our last visit we were offered an apartment by the hotel we had booked on Piazza Repubblica it was amazing we were very lucky.

Author: Deb from Australia

24 November 2013: I am in love with Siena. When I had to leave I wept. All of Tuscany calls to me, and so many places to yet explore beyond he parts of Italy I have seen. I prefer the smaller, less crowded towns. Thank you or a wonderful website!

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12 November 2013: A fantastic monument with the spiral staircase that reminds me of the National Wallace Monument in Scotland.

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09 November 2013: A wonderful web site. We will visit Sorrento and Rome soon. Looking forward to visiting Capri and touring the Amalfi Coast. Then on to Rome for what we hope will be four glorious days. We have reservations for the Scavi Tour, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel and the Borghese Gallery. Cain' wait.

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06 October 2013: Rome was so beautiful but sadly did not attend popes blessing l have been to Venice absolutely amazing and would like to go to Florence one day. But Venice is very special because no cars or traffic. Rome being a city too much traffic and mad drivers but all the famous landmarks so so have to see to believe and the people are so friendly the history of this city is just fascinating .

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18 July 2013: Thank you for the correction to the text regarding the political affiliation of the Salvucci family and that of their adversary, the Ardinghelli, in San Gimignano. They were indeed aligned with the Ghibellines and the Guelfs, respectively, as noted on your webpage concerning the 'twin towers' of the Salvucci.

Much appreciated!

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15 June 2013: Your apps saved our trip! When planning a trip to Germany, we could only wish that Italy Guides made apps for other countries as well...
Thank You - from Texas.

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16 April 2013: Interesting site.

In reference to the ""twin towers"" of the Salvucci, if you want to be precise please note that actually the Salvucci family was aligned with the Ghibelline party and its adversary, the Ardinghelli, was with the Guelph party. A correction to the text on your webpage would be appreciated. Thanks.

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17 March 2013: I finally found where my grandfather grew up in sicily right on the toe of the boot Traponi! He was a fisherman and came to US to fish out of Gloucester Ma as a young man and raised a family my father being one of his kids! If anyone knows anything about Trapone let me know I plan to visit Rome and Sicily in Sept 2013!

Author: donna from United States

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Author: Alfred from Ghana

21 January 2013: Dear All: I visited Catania during the Christmas/New Year 2012-13 holidays. I still do not know what is so good and beatiful about Catania.

Catania, according to several travel guides, has one of the highest crime rates in Italy. The city is filled with unbearable grafiti and the buildings look run down.

I felt unsafe during our entire stay. If anyone reads this, stay away from Catania!

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26 December 2012: I visited your beautiful city in October this year (2012). It was a wonderful experience and was all to short. Had I been able to spend many more hours I'm certain to have discovered more treasures.
I hope San Gimignano remains protected for the future generations to get a glimpse of what the middle ages looked like.
Thank you

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We were a bit rushed but we'll be back! Every corner had a new picture opportunity!

Thanks for the wonderful reception!

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Author: Manuela da Rimini from Italy

10 June 2012: come ho detto a qualcuno dopo una mia visita a san gimignano in occasione del 2 giugno...semplicemente stupenda...direi quasi..."reale" per il suo stato e la sua vivibilità.

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10 May 2012: My great Grandfather Samuel Moceri and great Grandmother Noni Carbone came from Sicily and I would love to meet my family over there.

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01 May 2012: I spent 5 days in Rome and all I can say is that I immediately fell in love with this eternal city!!!Its charm and magic will amaze you at every corner!It was certainly a never-to- be -forgotten experience and I am indeed planning to come back soon.

Author: Jovana Petrovic from Serbia

27 April 2012: Lately at the Colosseum in Rome. Children under 12, students under 25 and people older than 65 have to pay full price ticket, unless they are EU citizens. If I remember correctly, the Colosseum is world heritage, isn´t it?
I am pretty shocked about this EU Apartheid politics. What´s that supposed to mean? We have a Two-tier system for culture in European Union. Some have more, some less rights on world heritage? It´s about culture, world heritage of us all, EU citizen or not. I experienced the same in Athens, native city of democracy.
I am sick and tired of those Sunday speeches, and nothing but fine words about equal rights for everyone, about social equality, at the time when after all we do have the more equal ones and the others. One of the biggest achievements of our democratic world are equal rights for everyone, social equality, the vital state of dignity. As far as I am concerned, democracy, equality and dignity are being trampled underfoot by European Union in front of world heritage.
I think, at least at cultural filed, EU must set a good example.

This EU regulation has to be changed! We must do something about it!

Author: Peter Wegele from Germany

26 April 2012: Planning a trip to Ischia this September. There are so many choices of hotels - that I don't know where to start! does anyone have an idea of the best location to stay!

Thank you.

Author: KATE NITTO from United States

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Author: Paola from Italy

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Author: Tony & Candy Lauria from United States

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Author: Noreen from Ireland

29 March 2012: I can't wait to see Michelangelo's David!!! Ive learnt so much about the Renaissance, I'm a studio art major, art history major!! So in love with Rome <3

Author: Chantal Angus from Canada

25 March 2012: Spent February 18th & 19th, 2012 in Verona with my 28 year old nephew. We were doing a very free-style tour of Italy - Milan to Genova, to Rome, Florence, Verona & back to Milan. We had wanted to go Venice, but with a lack of affordable hotel rooms & frozen canals, we decided it was just not in the cards. Instead we went to Verona - it was wonderful! We arrived about 1:00 pm - checked into our hotel, dropped out suitcases & off we went. We wandered all afternoon just checking out the wonderful sites as we came upon them. We had most of the next day as well before we had to leave at 4:00 to head back to Milan. We had a wonderful adventure! Everywhere we went the people were so kind, welcoming & hospitable and so curious as to how us two Canadians came to be in Verona. It was a wonderful finish to our trip & although we were first disappointed about not getting to Venice, we never really thought about it again! I highly recommend Verona. It has a wonderful laid back atmosphere & vibe, yet there are so many interesting sites within easy walking distance of each other and some of the best food we had during our entire tour of Italy!!! Will certainly go back one day!

Author: Peggy W. from Canada

29 February 2012: Hi in 1989 I had the privilege of seeing the statue of David in Florence, Italy with the tour group AESU (American European Student Union). From what I remember, their were about 30 in our group. We went to 14 countries in 21 days. This was an awesome experience in my life. George Victor, Harrison Twp, Michigan 48045

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16 February 2012: This will be my second visit, My Grandaughters 1st visit. Will be visiting Venice in August 2012. thank you for the site...

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Author: Joe Ruiz from United States

15 February 2012: A very interesting city. A lot of Museums and Basilicas to see. You have to go more than once to Rome to see everything. I have been in London and Paris, but Rome is always Rome even with his lots traffic problems ect. Rome is unforgettable.

Author: Domus Betti from Italy

11 February 2012: I will be in Venice Italy next month.I have visited youre seight and its very imformative,and the pictures are great!Cant wait to be there!

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09 February 2012: I loved this site. I am Italian heritage and me and my new wife will be coming for our honeymoon there next month.

Author: Joseph DeVince from United States

04 February 2012: Sono americana ma i miei genitori sono nati in Adrano (Provincia di Catania), Sicilia. Questo sito è veramente spettacoloso. Io sono professoressa d'italiano in un liceo a New York. L'Italia è la più bella e artistica nazione nel mondo.

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28 January 2012: I lived in Gaeta Italy for 3 years in the early 80's. It is a wonderful small town with rich history, very nice beaches and the best food. Situated between Naples and Rome, it is the perfect place to jump off and visit or stay and travel from there daily. Try to avoid August as you'll find it difficult to find accommodations during the peak vacation time. The people of Gaeta are very warm and friendly and it is a very safe place to walk about and enjoy the sites. Shop in Via Indepenza aka Piccolo Alley, Gaeta Vecchio (Old Gaeta) and be sure to visit Split Mountain. Although I once tossed coins into the Fountain of Trevi in Rome, I would gladly trade a trip there for a return to Gaeta any day.

Author: David Allen from United States

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Author: Edward Zacharski from Poland

28 December 2011: We are visiting Venice in February for the Carnival. Where can I find the vaporetti schedule during the weekend please?

Author: Sharon from Malta

27 November 2011: I am traveling to Ischia in June and would like to know which area is the best to stay in? Any other info about the island would help as well.

Author: may martucci from United States

24 November 2011: Returned from a cruise with my husband & friends where we visited Florence, Tuscany, Pisa, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Amalfi Coast and ship arrived in Venice through the Grand Canal at sunrise! Simply breathtaking. We did spend a couple of extra nights but we will definitely go back. Our first time in Europe and fell in love!

Author: Lyne from Canada

20 November 2011: We have just come back from your beautiful city (twice in three years)& love it even more. Rome is a drug & we are addicted. The city must be one of THE most beautiful in the world, now to explore more of Italy & I'm going to try master the languange (fingers crossed).

Author: malcolm & deborah from United Kingdom

12 November 2011: Hello found italy so many years ago made so many friends one of th most bueatiful countries i have seen made so many friends who i wish i could see more often but they will be ever in my thoughts forever especially in borgo a mozzano and maiori xxx

Author: Carol Murray from United Kingdom

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Author: TERESA from Italy

21 October 2011: First and most is great! My first review was Dec. 18, 2008. I love Italy so... much that I come back every summer. This summer(2011) my sister came with me for nine days. In Rome we stayed in The Beehive(great for the money) to keep the cost down. Hotels in Rome are pricey. Since I have been to Italy a few times I was able to show my sister the main attractions in the short time of nine days. We even took the train to the beach for the day. Every time I go there is always something new for me to see and eat. Our next city was Naples but the city was having a garbage strike which took away from the city even the taxi drive was apologizing. We did take a train to Pompeii which I've been before but my sister hasn't. One does need more than a day to explore. My sister then flew home to the states and I preceeded to the Island of Ischia stayed at The Rontonda Sul Mare(great place to stay at the beach in Forio) which to me is absolutely beautiful. I stayed about two weeks in Forio before my husband arrived however, there was a small language barrier which was my fault for not learning the language. I now know the basics though. We took a short excurion to Positano wow!!! Next year Florance will be great to see along with staying a few days in Positano. I still would like to see Bari too! As in any country guard your money and wallet. I have a saying USA is my country but Rome is my hometown This is how much I love Rome. Thank you you have been most helpful and please keep expanding!

Author: JEAN from United States

11 October 2011: Fantastico, adoro Venezia! Il vostro sito è grandioso! Vi ringrazio di cuore!

Author: Giancarlo e Nancy from Switzerland

09 October 2011: i do love venice.........hope to visit again in 2012 grazie per questo giro virtuale

Author: jose from United States

30 September 2011: I have visited the Vatican twice and found it to be a wonderful experience although, i am not a religious person not even a Christian I am moved by the Artistic creation in front of me,I have been inspired by the work of Raphael of Urbino. The Pasadena Madonna and child is a good example, Coronation of Virgen Mary, and many others.

Author: charles vonLauderman from United States

25 September 2011: Beautiful girl with red dress who was on Piazza del Campo on 23 09 2011 with her family and gave me that great smile when passing by while I was drawing - please read this and look for my thread in lifeinitaly forum. I hope to find you! Thanks :)

Author: Magnus from Sweden

24 September 2011: My name is Henry Condy, I have visited St Peters a few times, whilst there are many beautiful artifacts in San Pietros, my favourite has to be "" The Pieta "" Michaelangelo,
painter , sculptor , engineer, architect, a man with God gifted skills,"" The Sistine Capella "" I could sit and gaze in wonder , at this work, God seems to pick men and women, from very humble beginnings to do his work, and stand the test of time, Elvis presley, Johnny Cash, human beings with faults , but through their lives, their deep love of God was spoken about openly and recorded, Elvis died in 1977, and his music has went fifty years, gospel and rock will carry on for years to come, it is standing the test of time with each new generation, and I thank God for their time on earth. To each and every one ,I say peace be with you .

Author: Henry Condy from United Kingdom

19 September 2011: Sono romana di nascita ,battezzata nella Chiesa Nuova.
Grazie del sito.
Quanto sei bella Roma ...


Author: liliana (italiana) from Argentina

08 September 2011: My mother is from Summonte (Govetosa) my father from Altavilla Irpina. My cousin and I spent two weeks plus working on family home in Summonte. We love the Campagna Region with its fantastic mountains and culture. We plan to come every year and I am planning to spend my retirement in Summonte for at least 6 months of the year.
Mary Jane (mj) Peluso

Author: Mary Jane Peluso from United States

06 September 2011: My daughter and son-in law are travelling in Europe.They visited Naples on the 3rd September.In their own words this is what happened to them while in Naples.What a place to visit!

""Then we arrived in Naples two days ago and my wallet, phone, everything was stolen. They took about $2000.00 from my account, not to mention the cash in my wallet. We spent all day yesterday canceling cards, barring accounts and trying to get some cash out. It's sorted for the most part now, and we will be fine. We are insured, but we won't get all the cash back. Just $200.00 :( I can't believe people act this way and still live with themselves)""

Author: Anu Liyanage from Australia

04 September 2011:

Author: Umberto Formica from Italy

25 August 2011: Planning on a trip to Rome in 2013 for my big "Five-O" birthday!!! Can't wait!! This site has been awesome in helping me start planning!

Author: Allison from United States

18 August 2011: Najljepši i najneobičniji grad na svijetu.Na ponos Italiji i užitak nama koji samo nakratko ugrabimo nešto od te ljepote...

Author: Vedrana from Croatia

15 August 2011: i last visited sorrento in 1995 & 97 i cant wait until the day that i return,to see the stunning views over the bay of naples,the lovely friendly people,and most of all just to sit & relax & watch the world go by ciao...

Author: gwyneth jones from United Kingdom

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09 August 2011: This is a splendid web site! I have been to Florence 3 times and plan to return in the fall of 2012. These panoramic views made me wish I was going to Florence immediately!

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15 March 2009: Hello, I live in PalmSprings California. 2 couples(incl me)went to venice with 17th century attire for the carnival. We were there from March 20-26th.We were invited to the pre final promanade on stage. never made the finals. Ill post pics soon. We had 3 cameras snapping totaling about 1000 pics each. I even took pics of the crowd while we were on stage strutting. Note to new visitors. Rare to find a bathroom when you need it,so locare them before you need one,but they are there. Lots of interesting shopping.Nice and laidback especially when the carnival was over. I hear its really crowded during warmer weather. It was in the 40s,but sunny.When in the shade it got cold and theres alot of that considering the narrow shady streets. Interesting food,Pizza was ok,but its hard to bwat the states pizzas. No fast food joints as we know them. there is a Hard Rock,however. I really learned how spoiled we are in the US.

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Leon J. Makasjian

Author: Leon J. Makasjian from USA

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12 September 2008: Hi
I took a cosmos tour - it was called the Jewels of Italy It was a trip of a lifetime. I have traveled to many places , Jamica , Saint Martin the Virgin Islands , all over Mexico just to name a few and I have never seen a place more beautiful than Italy !!
I saw Rome , Tuscant , Siena ,Naples , the Isle of Capri ,sorrento , Florence , Assisi ,Vennice ,Pisa ,Verona Pompeii ,San Marino ,ECT......... I have been home for a month and Italy is all I can think of. I had a lot of free time to explore on my own and I did not have a problem I even went out at night and didnt feel threatened at all.Italy and it,s people are vibrant and warm . I srtongly recomend this trip to everyone.

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No where did i find a public toilet,and we were not allowed to use the hotel and shop toilets, and hawkers constantly harrassed us.

Where do the hawkers find toilets?

This would never occur in Australia........Sorry

Author: Ray Aubrey from Australia


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The Vatican is a must do too. Words can't justify how wonderful this place is. St Peter's basillica and the Sistine chappel are just a few of the many delights here. Food was delicious, people warm and friendly, although the Italian men, including the policemen, were very flirtatious, but I wasn't complaining! All in all, Rome is just amazing and joins beautiful London in my list of favourite places.

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P.S. You really need to add Bermuda and Barbados to your list. I am actually British/Bermudian writing from Bermuda.

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The italians were a bunch of thieves. We had loads of our household goods stolen. We lived in the town of Pinetamare, and our kids could not go onto the beach because it was so filthy. The military built a new housing area after we left, but my father was in italy during world war 2, and he said it hadnt changed at all.
The italians made our lives back then a living hell. But the people from northern Italy, were very nice. It's just naples that was bad.
Horrible Place.

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