San Gimignano, Italy

Medieval Fountains

The Medieval Public Springs of San Gimignano can be reached via a very short, steep descent along the Via delle Fonti and through the fascinating Porta delle Fonti that bears the same name. 

The ancient spring is in a charming corner just outside the city walls, near the Castello. It is made from 10 stone arches that open onto the basins. The oldest are the four central arches (from the 12th century). The largest ones, on the right, are Romanesque and date from the 13th century. The four acute arches are Gothic.

At the top of the arches, in the background, the Porta delle Fonti stands guard. It is one of the openings in the walls of San Gimignano. Formerly it had a statue that was later moved to the Arch of San Giovanni, near the Duomo

Apart from this detail, the gate has remained exactly as it was in the Middle Ages. It still travels this ancient, circuitous path that winds its way towards the arch.