Monumental Churchyard: frescoes

Looking around at the walls of the colonnade and seeing only the remains of frescoes we can’t but feel a deep sorrow in thinking what our eyes could have admired today if the rage of the 2nd World War had saved this monumental spot.

Saddened by this thought now it remains to content oneself by imagining the precious art gallery as it was before the war and looking for the remaining works removed to be restored.

For some of these pieces, a special room has been arranged, collecting frescoes of Buonamico di Buffalmacco, such as "The Triumph of the Death", "The Last Judgment", "The Anchorets".

Concerning the sinopites (preparatory sketches of the frescoes, brought to light when the same frescoes were detached from the walls for restauration) it is to be said that they are of great interest and are collected in the Museum of Sinopites.