Monumental Churchyard


Coming out of the baptistery and looking once more at the majesto façade of the cathedral one will in the form of a rectangle. These boundary walls are composed of blind-arcades on pilasters similar to those of the cathedral, tower and baptistery.

Ancient sculptures, sepulchral monuments, works of art scattered around the city, were gathered inside the churchyard. Sarcofagi of famous men lined up against the walls, that were frescoed by great artist. Thus the "Camposanto Monumentale" (Monumental Churchyard) of Pisa progressively became one of the greatest and richest galleries of medieval painting and sculpture, besides representing a great masterpiece of architecture.

On entering the churchyard one's attention is immediately drawn to the great colonnade that opens out on an inner lawn with its great, round arcades. These latter are each adorned by quadruple lancet windows with fine, plurilobed, little arches.