Cathedral of Pisa: interior

In order to enjoy all the majesty of the temple, before stopping here and there, we advise you to stop near the inner will of the cathedral façade. From here the view is total and its effect is such to convey a deep religion feeling. To this feeling is added a sense of bewilderment, as we stand before the vastness and profoundity of every architectural and sculptural work, as if not the hand of the man but a divine wall had aimed at creating what we are admiring.

If we place ourselves in the middle of the nave,near the inner wall of the cathedral, our attention will be drawn to the long line of the imposing granite colonnades, which are almost all antique and ave capitals of Corinthian style. Then the women's gallery with little loggias located above the nave, the rich, highly decorated lacunar ceiling, the ample, profound, terminal apse whereon Christ on his throne contrasts, will complete our admiration.

In brief everything including the play of the minor colonnades, the black and white panels, which line the walls, helps to give vivacity and movement to the grandiose realization of the temple.

Let us now pass to its description and to the visit. Internally it is divided into five aisles, one central major aisle and the minor ones two on each side. The transept has three aisles. Against the second line of columns of the central nave there are two holy water founts. The statues thereon are, on one side, Jesus and on the other side St. John the Baptist (17th century, of F. Palma).