Basilica of Santa Croce: interior

Among the numerous tombs in Santa Croce, that of Michelangelo is surely the most famous. It was designed by Vasari in the second half of the 16th century, after the great artist’s remains returned to Florence from Rome. It is a total work, a tribute to the genius and eclectic personality of the artist: in front of the tomb, the personifications of painting, sculpture and architecture appear to be saddened by his death.

The list of works still to be described would be a long one: everywhere, the church houses examples of exceptional worth, like the Apparition of the Angel to the Shepherds, considered to be the first nocturnal scene of 14th century painting in Italy. Or the crucifix by Donatello: it seems that Brunelleschi became so indignant at its rough-hewn look that, as a response, he sculpted the crucifix now in the basilica of Santa Maria Novella.