Greek Theater

Second in size only to the Theater in Syracuse, the Greek Theater in Taormina is one of the largest ancient theaters in Sicily.

Though originally built in the Hellenistic era, it was completely reconstructed by the Romans and used for gladiatorial shows. The theater is situated at the very top of a hill, levelled for the purpose, using the natural incline of the valley for the "cavea": the auditorium seating.

The backdrop view would doubtless have added splendid dramatic impact to past productions.

The remains of a small temple stand on the side of the theater. Remnants of an arcade, once leading to the theater, stand at the top of the auditorium. Scenery consisted of nine columns, raised and placed in their original positions during the theater's restoration in the Eighteen Hundreds.

The majestic panorama, combined with a spectacular view of Etna and the Calabrian mountains, renders this hollowed out hill a natural stage, as well as a stage for natural beauty.

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