Via Stabiana

Via Stabiana, connected to via del Vesuvio, entered the city through Porta Vesuvio leading to Porta Stabia, the oldest city gate.

As in many ancient roman cities, just after the main gate, along the road, there were dozens of monumental tombs, established in that place to keep  the memory of illustrious people alive. On that road the Stabian Baths were also situated; they were the oldest thermal baths in Pompeii, taking up the whole insula; there were also shops and in front of the baths the Pistrinum di Modesto -where wheat was ground.

Millstones made of lava stone are still visible there. A little further on is the Temple of Jupiter Meilichios, the smallest in city, which housed two huge statues: the first one representing Jupiter, the second portraying Juno and a bust of Goddess Minerva. The street was one of the main trade routes, since it led to the harbor: a trading point for goods and cultures par excellence .

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