Pompeii, Italy

Temple of Apollo

Together with the Doric temple, the Temple of Apollo is the oldest religious building in Pompeii, dated to 6th Century BC because of its architectural decorations, though its current layout dates back to 2nd century BC.

The building mixes Italic elements -such as the elevated podium accessed by a staircase- with Greek features -such as the colonnade surrounding the cella. The temple has a portico with 48 columns and the floor is made of colored diamond-shaped stones, giving the illusion of cubes in perspective.

The altar at the foot of the staircase can be dated as 1st Century BC, while the column holding a sundial is presumably from the Augustan age. Several deities were worshiped in the temple: Apollo is portrayed in the act of shooting arrows in front of Diana, the huntress. Other findings testify that also Mercury was worshipped here.