- Fountain of Neptune -

Two other fountains at either end of the piazza, works by Giacomo della Porta, complete the overall picture.

The Fountain of the Moor, fed by the Aqueduct of the Virgin (Virgo), was originally called "the snail fountain": Bernini had in fact modified the fountain, inserting a dolphin that supported a snail, but the people, as well as the Pamphilj family, were not exactly thrilled with this combination and so a male figure was put in to substitute the snail, a figure with African or "Moorish" features that holds the dolphin by the tail and it is this particular point that gives the fountain the name it's had ever since.

Originally there was also an iron fence around the fountain which gave rise to a tasty "pasquinade". Late one night, behind the famous talking statue of Pasquino, a piece of paper appeared with the words: "Oh, unhappy water! They have closed you behind gates of iron. Then again, it was to be expected--it was a Virgin!", referring to the Virgin spring water but also to the chastity belt very much in vogue at the time.

On the other end, the fountain of Neptune, originally called the fountain of the kettle makers, remained unfinished for a long time until a few marine deities were added along with the statue of the god of the sea battling an octopus.