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- Imperial Forum -

The first of Rome's Imperial forum was built by Julius Caesar. He spent a fortune-most of it booty from his conquest of Gaul-buying up and demolishing houses on the site. Pride of place went to a temple dedicated in 46 BC to the goddess Venus Genetrix, From whom Casear claimed descent.

The temple contained statues of Casear and Cleopatra as well as of Venus. All that remains of this temple to vanity is a platform and three Corinthian columns. The forum was enclosed by a double colonnade which sheltered a row of shops, but this burnt down in AD 80 and was rebuilt by Domitian and trajan.

Trajan also added the Basilica Argentaria and a heated public lavatory. The forum is only open to the public by appointment, but parts are visible from above in Via dei fori Imperiali.

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