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- Palazzo Strozzi (Strozzi Palace) -

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Florentine palaces and is a splendid example of Renaissance architecture. This Palace was built by Filippo Strozzi, a rich, capable merchant belonging to one of the wealthiest families in Florence, traditionally against the Medici. Building on it began based on specific astrological calculations as was the norm at the time for rich, illuminated patrons.

Probably designed by Benedetto da Maiano, this building with its imposing almost colossal structure took its place in the city context as a single geometrical block symbol of its owner's prestige.

The building also expressed a new way of considering private residences, considering the family society's main nucleus. Renaissance family life rotated around the courtyard, the home's real core. The Palace one, work of Cronaca (who completed the building left unfinished at Filippo Strozzi's death) has an arched portico on slim Corinthian columns covered by a floor with large windows and above an open gallery covered in wooden roof frames.

Outside the architecture was meant to represent the family's social status. So the external covering is in really imposing rusticated ashlar in regularly thick rows decreasing as they go upwards. The design is the same for all three complete facades: a long sequence of mullioned windows on the second and third floors and at the top the frieze supporting the magnificent cornice.

At the bottom of the block you can find the 'panca di via' a stone seat interrupted by the hewn stone portals. Inserted between the windows you see the cast iron rings used for torches and flags and lower down the classical hooks used for horses.

The Palace remained Strozzi property until 1937 when it was bought by the National Insurance Company Institute and then in 1999, handed over to Florence Municipality. It now houses an important museum.