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Temple of Antoninus and Faustina

This large temple, transformed into the Church of San Lorenzo in Miranda in the Middle Ages is easily identifiable due to the monumental inscription on its architrave.

In 141 AD Antoninus pius erected it in memory of his wife, Faustina, who had died and been deified that same year. His own name was added to the dedication when he died in 161 AD.

In 1902, to the right of the temple, the remains of a necropolis were discovered, with forty-one Iron Age tombs. The oldest type consisted of a circular pit enclosing tomb furniture and an urn containing cremated remains.

Shaped like a hut, the urn was quite a realistic representation of an Iron Age dwelling. The later tombs were for the burial of bodies. Objects found in the necropolis are displayed in the Antiquarium of the Forum.